As we are an owner-run company we feel personally responsible for the success of our customers. We develop optimal and sometimes unique solutions, based on the years of experience our company has to offer.

In additional to technical competence, achieving our set targets demands our mutual trust and team communication, responsibility and fair play, toward our customers and our staff. A partnership with our customers means achieving best results.


General Activities 

Our company offers more than 25 years of experience for consulting, planning and supplying services in Germany, Europe, Middle East, Africa and South America.

As independent consulting engineers, we fully identify ourselves with the goals of our customers and take responsibility for the economic, technical and functional aspects to produce best solutions.

Our complete multidisciplinary consulting services solves  all activities from planning to the final project, including feasibility study, advice on logistics and offers comprehensive services  such as:

-         Feasibility study project studies

-         Draft, authorization, design

-         Supervising and project documentation

-         Project management and controlling

-         Commissioning and technical support for the installations

-         Supplying services for machines, tools, materials, equipment and all kind of accessories

Area of Activities

Our offices handle involved in the complex, continuous involvement, with the long decades of experience in the local, national as well as the international markets.

Our multilingual international experienced staff, put us in a position of being able to support our customers in Germany, Europe, as well as Middle East, Africa, South America. Above all our customers benefit from our know-how, our quality and environmental management, fair prices for project management and supplying activities.

Our fields of activity

We are a modern service orientated company with a widespread activity of our engineers and suppliers, throughout many sectors and fields of activity, exceeding the level of just consulting and supplying.

General Engineering and Building Engineering

Industrial and commercial development

Logistic center

Administration center

Health care center


Hotel and housing



Building and civil engineering

Hydraulic engineering

Structural engineering

Fire and sound protection

Heat and vibration regulation

Sanitary facilities

Compressed air systems

Medical technical gases systems

Technical installations inside and outside of buildings

Swimming pools

Water and waste water treatment

Fire protection installations and systems

Heating systems and stations

Ventilation systems

Cooling and air conditioning

Chilled and cooled water systems

Solar energy systems

Geothermal energy systems

Renewable energy systems

Internal and external lighting systems

Building management systems

Safety, security systems

Fire protection systems

Access control and monitoring

Technical data systems

Water supply

Sewage water drainage

Water and waste water treatment systems

Recycling systems

Hydraulic engineering

Heating engineering

Water engineering

Environment engineering

General aspects

Depending on how the world´s development will be regarding population, energy consumption, energy sources development, natural and climatic events, so we have to act and solve the problems we will face.

Our company will apply very clearly strategies for minimization of the energy consumption using renewable energy systems, this one of the main targets of our activity for the future.

Environmentally friendly materials and systems we will use and offer to the customers will have the least impact on human health and environment.